Eisenhower Photography is a San Diego event and session photography business made up of me, Julie Eisenhower, and my husband Dick.  

our philosophy

We don't believe there is necessarily a formula to great photography - like certain shots we should always get or certain poses we should always use. We believe that it is our job to see and capture what it is that makes each person, each couple, or each family unique and special. When we look at photos of our own family, the ones that mean the most aren't necessarily the images where everyone is smiling at the camera.  We really love the outtakes and snapshots - the ones that tell us who that person was or what they were feeling.  It's the funny face my grandpa made when he posed with my grandma, or the way she looked at my dad when he was a baby.  It's the laughter as Dad taught me how to ride a bike. These unique, once-in-a-lifetime moments are the ones that we want to capture when we work with clients. Of course we are dedicated to creating beautiful images, and it's exciting when our photos are featured in magazines, but we want to do more than that. WE want to create photographs that will be treasured by our clients' own families for generations.


My dad, Tony, established Tony Eisenhower Photography in 2001. I joined him at weddings as his second shooter as often as I could. I eventually developed my own unique style and rapport with clients and by around 2007 became a primary photographer myself. We then formed a business partnership and changed the business name to Eisenhower Photography.  My husband Dick joined the team shortly after. Now that Dad has retired, Dick and I work together exclusively.  How amazing is it that I have had the opportunity to work with my two favorite guys over the years! I have to say though, there's something about working with your husband at weddings - we really do love meeting new couples, helping to document their own happy memories.

I am so grateful to my dad for sharing photography with me. From the first Minolta film camera that he gave me when I wasn't even a teen yet, to the darkroom that he built for us to use when I was in high school, to the business that he has so generously shared with me, I have been so fortunate to learn from him and have his support over the years. I truly appreciate how special it is to do something I really love, capturing beautiful memories, while working with the people that I love so much, my family.